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Re: Legal status of Audacity in releases newer than Bullseye

* On 7/12/21 10:58 PM, Sam Hartman wrote:
> None of the issues you are bringing up are license issues, nor do they
> affect what changes Debian (or our users) can make to the software.
> The Debian maintainers of the packages in question can decide which of
> the upstream changes they wish to revert.
> It seems likely we'll turn off telemetry by default, because we often
> do.

Additionally, it doesn't look like any changes are even necessary, if I
understand the material correctly:

  - The telemetry code (as implemented now) is both optional and DISABLED by
    default in the build system. Maintainers would need to explicitly turn it
    on to be compiled/used.
  - Only the builds/binaries published by Muse Group explicitly enable the

Unless this situation changes, there is no need for the packagers to do
anything, other than monitor changes to the build system with every new version
to check if the disabled-by-default state switches to enabled-by-default.


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