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Re: Copyright of debian/*


Le 02/01/2021 à 11:30, Matthew Vernon a écrit :

I have noticed some packages using the newer machine-readable copyright format, but not specifying any copyright for debian/*

FWIW, I do that in most of the (simple) packages I’m maintaining: I’m fine using the same license as upstream, hence the “Files: *” catch the correct license also for debian/*.

The debian/ directory in those packages may have very little copyrightable content anyway (not sure a trivial override in d/rules or data in d/u/metadata would eligible for example). The only creativity is often limited to the package description, that is directly copied (or adapted) from upstream, or a patch cherry-picked (or forwarded) upstream, where I’m not even the copyright owner (upstream is, so again, “Files: *” catches the correct information).



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