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Re: Copyright of debian/*

John Scott wrote...

> On Saturday, January 2, 2021 10:30:56 AM EST Matthew Vernon wrote:
> > I have noticed some packages using the newer machine-readable copyright 
> > format, but not specifying any copyright for debian/*
> That's not good practice. You should ask the package maintainer to include 
> such information in debian/copyright. They would know the history best. Be 
> sure to check for a wildcard though, like
> Files: *
> as that could apply to debian/.

That was in the upgrading checklist for policy 3.9.3 (2012):

| 12.5
|     ``debian/copyright`` is no longer required to list the Debian
|     maintainers involved in the creation of the package (although note
|     that the requirement to list copyright information is unchanged).

Which made me believe it was not mandatory to have an extra stanza for
debian/* and the things the maintainer(s) did there. But possibly that's
just a misunderstanding.

> > What does that mean about the copyright status of debian/* ? If I want
> > to re-use a file therein in another package, can I do so?
> If the copyright file doesn't specify the license, and there are no comments in 
> the files specifying the license, then the maintainer of that package really 
> should fix that. That leaves the license ambiguous and you may not make any 
> assumptions about your use of the file.

About the license, the matching entry applies, so it's upstream's.
Actually I prefer to use the same license as upstream, this just avoids
trouble if someone considers a particular combination a problem.

About copyright - in the very general I doubt there's much copyrightable
stuff in debian/*. And if you really want to go pedantic, you could ask
about patches (half-upstream, half-contributor [not necessarily
maintainer]). Hopefully nobody will try to do the full discussion here.


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