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Re: tomboy-ng package with non standard license.

Hunspell to Pascal Bindings, the saga continues....

OK, I have now separated out the Hunspell 'bindings' from my hunspell

The bindings file consists nothing more that the Hunspell license
statement and a handful of slightly rearranged function prototypes from
hunspell.h. This file is completely subject to the Hunspell license as I
don't consider I have added anything to its content.

The binding file is 'included' into the actual hunspell.pas Object
Pascal file that builds the hunspell Object Pascal unit. hunspell.pas
has exactly the same BSD Clear license most of the tomboy-ng code now has.

So, I now refer you to -

The updated copyright file -

The bindings file -

The hunspell unit -

Incidentally, I have also 'published' the hunspell pascal binding file
(and the hunspell pascal unit) in a stand alone git repository,
https://github.com/davidbannon/hunspell4pas, and removed the unlicensed
code from the Lazarus wiki, pointing instead to the github page. This
should prevent other Lazarus users from making the same mistake.

Thanks for your help.


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