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Re: tomboy-ng package with non standard license.

On Sun, 2020-11-01 at 18:17 +1100, David Bannon wrote:

> It is possible to build C style Libraries with FeePascal units but it
> not efficient with time, space or performance in practice.

Thanks for the info. 

> also wanting to use KControls but there is not.

The KControls README and issues shows there are several users, but of
course it is unlikely they would want their software in Debian.


   ... the package is already heavily used by me and others!


BTW: Debian's information about "vendoring" or embedded copies is here:


> Just the bindings to the hunspell library.  Every Lazarus install
> includes a tool, h2pas, that will generate such a set of bindings from
> the relevant .h files with little effort. As such, I would not expect
> anyone to claim copyright to the result.

Since the hunspell library headers can change over time, adding support
for new functions, constants etc, that sounds like something that
should be generated at build time rather than copied into the source,
can Lazarus convert the installed headers into .pas at build time? Or
does the generated .pas file need editing in order to work properly?
Generating the bindings at build time that would enable you to more
easily support other spelling libraries like nuspell too.




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