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Re: Classification of the APSL as non-DFSG-compliant

On 4/20/20 10:28 AM, Tobias Frost wrote:
>>> This claim may have been valid in 2001, but I think it does not hold up for
>>> 2020 since source code to packaging in Debian is usually maintained in
>>> Salsa or Github and therefore keeping all modifications available for 12
>>> months and longer, plus there is Debian Snapshots [7] which keeps a older
>>> versions of a package around as well - including source code.
>> It may or may not fail the Desert Island Test, depending on how broad "publicly"
>> is interpreted.
> For sure it fails the Dissident Test.
Does it? The part which requires the availability of the source changes explicitly
talks about deployment of the software, i.e. distribution, not personal use which
would be the criteria for the dissident test.

If I'm using the software for myself and modify it, I'm free to keep the modifications
to myself unless I distribute the software, so I don't think the clause would fail
the test.


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