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Re: FreeMedForms projet

On Sat, 2020-01-11 at 17:08 +0100, Eric Maeker wrote:

> I'm really sorry, but I can not answer to everyone and all your
> questions. I feel a bit flooded.

Sorry about that, I hope one final email is not too much.

> About the website and the DFSG compliance, please consider that the
> website translations are out of sync. FreeMedForms integrates now one
> extra content : code128.ttf, that is not clearly licenced (
> https://grandzebu.net/informatique/codbar/code128.ttf /  
> https://www.dafont.com/fr/code-128.font). This is required for all
> user who wants to print bar codes (see 
> https://freemedforms.com/fr/news/versions/110#codes_barres)... This
> is why the package is mentioned "not 100% DSFG compatible". But may
> be we made an error (that anyone can correct) ?

According to the font metadata and the font website, the Code 128 font
is licensed under the GPL so is probably free. Since it is a separate
project to yours though, it should be packaged separately in Debian and
your package should then depend on it.




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