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Re: FreeMedForms projet

On Fri, 2020-01-10 at 17:34 +0100, Eric Maeker wrote:

> We know that at least two forks exists (this is what our private data
> server's log tells us). We do not receive any patch, invitation to
> git repos, or any kind of official informations or queries.

Having multiple forks and having folks not bother to send feedback is
normal in Free Software, especially for software that uses github.
There was a blog post about this recently but I'm unable to find it. I
would not worry about there being forks available, instead focus on the
feedback that you do get and try to build a community around the code. 

> we decide that our git repository will not be freely accessible. 

I encourage you to consider changing back to an open repository; as
Andreas has pointed out, this is already affecting other potential
contributors and affecting potential redistribution of your software.

> Approval does only concern ... the ability to join the project as
> member (coder, tester, communication manager...).

This is normally how things work, you build up trust through your
contributions to a project and then they invite you to join.



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