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Re: FreeMedForms projet


I'm really sorry, but I can not answer to everyone and all your questions. I feel a bit flooded.

What I can say is that we are working (in real life, I alone, because I'm the only one to manage Debian in the project, we have macist only...) to finish the code of 1.1.0 and release it like we always do : source packaged and freely available, bins ok, tests ok. No buggy soft, no untested features. Now that doctors use our soft and put all patient data in it, we can not deliver a buggy software and we must test update from older version before any release. This means time...

About the website and the DFSG compliance, please consider that the website translations are out of sync. FreeMedForms integrates now one extra content : code128.ttf, that is not clearly licenced (https://grandzebu.net/informatique/codbar/code128.ttfhttps://www.dafont.com/fr/code-128.font). This is required for all user who wants to print bar codes (see https://freemedforms.com/fr/news/versions/110#codes_barres)... This is why the package is mentioned "not 100% DSFG compatible". But may be we made an error (that anyone can correct) ?

All other extra-non-free content are only downloadable from our server datapack (directly from the application) and users are well informed of all licence and missing features (DDI management mainly). This choice goes beyond the question of licenses since it also implies from managers of the project medical and scientific responsibilities. This is also why we can not accept that forks tries to download and install our private data.

We noticed that Popcon says:
We understand that people are more interested by our data than by our complete solution. This is not exactly what we thought at the start of the project. Whatever, the project goes on!

I hope I made our choices clearer... You can consider that our engagement in free software and specially in debian is still the same since 2008.

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Le sam. 11 janv. 2020 à 02:15, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> a écrit :
On Fri, 2020-01-10 at 17:34 +0100, Eric Maeker wrote:

> We know that at least two forks exists (this is what our private data
> server's log tells us). We do not receive any patch, invitation to
> git repos, or any kind of official informations or queries.

Having multiple forks and having folks not bother to send feedback is
normal in Free Software, especially for software that uses github.
There was a blog post about this recently but I'm unable to find it. I
would not worry about there being forks available, instead focus on the
feedback that you do get and try to build a community around the code.

> we decide that our git repository will not be freely accessible.

I encourage you to consider changing back to an open repository; as
Andreas has pointed out, this is already affecting other potential
contributors and affecting potential redistribution of your software.

> Approval does only concern ... the ability to join the project as
> member (coder, tester, communication manager...).

This is normally how things work, you build up trust through your
contributions to a project and then they invite you to join.



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