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Re: Missing source in firefox-esr: EME module

> You didn't answer my question:
>  | [The bug] says that firefox-esr only downloads this proprietary
>  | software after explicit user action.  Is that right ?

I'd say, no that's not right. User action is required, but that action doesn't explicitly request that additional software be downloaded. If the user opted in to downloading software this would still be questionable, but this functionality in firefox doesn't even clear that bar.

If the "Enable DRM" preference is ever enabled, the software is automatically downloaded and installed transparently in the background. There are two ways that preference can be enabled:

 - Checking "Enable DRM" in preferences.
 - Visiting a page with a DRMed video on it.

When you visit a page with DRMed video a yellow nag bar appears at the top of the page with the text "You must enable DRM to play some audio or video on this page", as well as a single "Enable DRM" button. Users click off these nag bars without reading them - so it's questionable that this is further user interaction than simply pressing "play" on a video. But even if you do read the text, in neither case are you requesting a software download.

DRM in Firefox isn't an addon, it's a preference. The implementation of enabling that preference is to download a proprietary component.

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