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Missing source in firefox-esr: EME module

The firefox-esr package in Buster includes the encrypted media extension
functionality, which relies on library called "wildvine". Source for
this library is not included in the firefox-esr source package.

This has been an outstanding bug since 2016, but it hasn't been considered as a
serious issue with the package:

The firefox-esr package uses a mechanism apparently intended to work around the
requirement to include source code: it downloads the library at run time. This
implementation detail doesn't change the fact that this is built-in
functionality of the program, shown in the UI as an option like "enable
_javascript_" rather than as an addon or plug-in.

I'm surprised to find this issue in a package in the Debian "main" archive. Am I
misunderstanding debian policy or this situation?


– Nat

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