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Re: Missing source in firefox-esr: EME module

Nat Tuck writes ("Re: Missing source in firefox-esr: EME module"):
> The binary-only wildvine component of Firefox, as incorporated in
> the package currently shipped by Debian, can not reasonably be
> understood as an "optional addon that is downloaded separately in
> response to an explicit user request". It is intended as integral
> functionality of the browser, and the technical mechanism of
> downloading that component separately exists only as an attempt to
> game standards such as the DFSG that prefer free software.

You didn't answer my question:

 | [The bug] says that firefox-esr only downloads this proprietary
 | software after explicit user action.  Is that right ?

AIUI if I (and personally I am a user who do not want this) do not
ever give my browser permission to do this, it will never download it.

I think your complaint is that it is making it the default easy path.
Personally I would agree with such a complaint, as I said in my
earlier mail.

> Comparing this to the librejs question is unreasonable.

I appreciate that you are angry.  I'm sorry that the rest of my mail
seemed to push your buttons rather.  I did not intend to make an
equivalence between the librejs question and this DRM thing.

But the question of global control of suggestions to download
proprietary software inevitably involves consideration of various
different kinds of proprietary software.

> Are there other packages in Debian main that have hardcoded URLs to
> download to non-free components from third parties? How do they
> handle this?

I don't know for sure.

I think there are probably other packages besides browsers with their
own add-on or plug-in repositories.  Those repositories sometimes have
a mix of free and non-free software.

The thing you are complaining about here is different, because that
particular feature only ever downloads non-free software.


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