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Re: Public domain and DSFGness

David Given writes:
> Example: the command shell I'm using (the CCP in CP/M terminology) is an
> enhanced command shell alternative called ZCPR. The first version of this,
> ZCPR1, which contains no copyright notice, and which was released in 1982
> to the SIG/M public domain distribution group. I found the release
> announcement (
> https://github.com/davidgiven/cpmish/blob/master/third_party/zcpr1/Announcement.pdf)
> which contains a passing reference to it being released into the public
> domain. Is this good enough?

Quoting the relevant section from that document

  ... So far, based upon both user feedback and our own experiences, we feel
  that ZCPR is a significant contribution to the Public Domain, and
  everyone who has used it greatly prefers it over standard CP/M.

  ZCPR is being released for Public Distribution through the SIG/M
  User's Group of the Amateur Computer Group of NJ.  In the spirit of
  Public Domain software, ZCPR is by no means a panacea, but is IS a
  very nice stepping stone, and you are encouraged to feel free to
  modify it to please yourselves...

I am not the person who decides this sort of thing for Debian, but that
looks good to me.

Walter Landry

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