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Content Rating System - DFSG-free?


In discussion about Content Rating System (CRS) implementation in debian-devel mailing list, Gard Spreemann questioned 
whether CRS would conflict with DFSG:
Bagas Sanjaya <bagasdotme@gmail.com> writes:

> Regarding freedom, yes it can be affected by CRS because CRS can limit freedom to use programs for some users
> (particularly non-adults). But CRS limit such freedom in order to protect psychology users for long term from negative
> impacts of programs they used.

Surely this would be a direct conflict with the DFSG?
However, DFSG is only applied to software licenses, not software usage. IMO, when DFSG is applied to the usage of CRS, the CRS wouldn't satisfy DFSG #6 (No Discrimination against Fields of Endeavor) and DFSG #5 (No Discrimination against Persons or Groups). Why? Because when CRS is applied into Debian, and suppose that a child user wants to install game package which rated for teen, the CRS system will reject the installation, and thus restrict the package from being used by children. What are your opinions/thoughts/positions about CRS and is it DFSG-free, in sense of usage? Regards, Bagas.

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