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Re: Reply to copyright concerns for libzdb in Seafile


On Thu, 6 Jun 2019 at 07:57, Jan-Henrik Haukeland <hauk@tildeslash.com> wrote:
> By trying to trivialise the evidence and attempting to explain away your
> actions you are forcing our hand here and I feel we have no
> other choice than to react. We seriously do not want to do this,
> but unless you have done one of the three options above
> *within one month*, we will start by sending a DMCA takedown
> notice on Seafile’s Github repository with all that implies.

Wow, I didn’t expect this sort of hostility from your to be honest; I
find what you’re doing is very rude. I see no reasons to believe
Jonathan acted in bad faith and his reasoning doesn’t seem to justify
your threats.

If I were using libzdb in any of my project, I would seek a way to
remove a dependency on it after this email. If I were a maintainer, I
would try to untie reverse dependencies, if any, and ask for a removal
of this package from Debian.

I don’t think people with such an attitude who threat others with DMCA
takedown notices should be welcome in the free software community.
This attitude is incompatible with the spirit of free software.


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