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Re: Reply to copyright concerns for libzdb in Seafile

> On 3 Jun 2019, at 16:15, Jonathan Xu <jonathan.xu@seafile.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Jonathan Xu, main developer of Seafile. I personally wrote the replacement code to libzdb.
> *
> Sorry for not replying to the original thread since I'm late to the discussion and was not in the mailing list before.
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We have put forward evidence of GPL code infringement together with a probable narrative and I find it strange that you would think that this is a discussion. 

> We're happy to attribute to the ideas we learn from libzdb. And we'll try to change the code that look too similar to libzdb's.

No need. Trying to bury the evidence deeper so to speak will just be construed as further attempt to cover up. A version control change trail will be evident, in any case, if you plan to change the code on Github.

You have three options. a) Remove the infringing code, i.e. the db-wrapper code and any other code and text that was copied such as sections of configure.ac etc. b) Use another library if you can find one. Or c) Add  back the copyright notice from libzdb in all the db-wrapper code together with your own (as was suggested in a thread here). This will of course mean that you cannot use the code in your closed-source Seafile-server. 

By trying to trivialise the evidence and attempting to explain away your actions you are forcing our hand here and I feel we have no other choice than to react. We seriously do not want to do this, but unless you have done one of the three options above *within one month*, we will start by sending a DMCA takedown notice on Seafile’s Github repository with all that implies.


Ps. I don’t want to bother this list with bikesheeding between us and if you have any reply, please send it to me directly. I won’t reply to you further on this list.


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