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Re: Hacking License

On Tue, 4 Dec 2018 at 01:34, Giacomo Tesio <giacomo@tesio.it> wrote:
> Hi, I've just published a new version of the Hacking License that
> receipts some of the objections proposed on debian-legal and on
> copyleft-next.
> In particular, I have
> 1) removed requirement to change the logo (see [1] from Francesco Poli).
>    That requirements was not there to protect the brand of the authors but
>    to protect the users from being fooled to use a modified version
>    instead of the original;

That still effectively forbids your software from being packaged.

> 2) left requirement to change the name, because the definition of "use"
>    already allows the users to store a Derived Work in place of the Hack;

So if I want to patch a security vulnerability, I have to bikeshed a
name? Please no.

> 3) clarified the permissions granted to organizations, that can only copy
>    and/or distribute the Hack (see [2] from Paul Jakma);
> 4) slighly improved the Preamble
> The canonical url is still at http://www.tesio.it/documents/HACK.txt
> (SHA256: 8d1892282d2335d5b9bc3f4656123bc18cbb2ce479def922a896a75005b3d738)
> [1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2018/12/msg00002.html
> [2] https://bit.ly/2BNJvkE
> I would really appreciate further feedbacks.


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