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Re: Updating CIDER's Research Software Agreement License For Use in Ngspice

On Sun, 18 Mar 2018 15:01:28 +0100 Holger Vogt wrote:

> > 
> > Have the other issues been addressed, as well?
> > Please see my previous
> > [message](https://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2016/10/msg00030.html)
> > for further details...
> > 
> Yes, I am working on these items.

That's great, thanks for doing so!

>  > the NOOVELA license (non-commercial use only, lack of permission to
>  > copy, distribute and modify)
> Code has been rewritten and re-licensed, is now GPL


>  > no license ("No license found, only copyright")
> Has been clarified, a question is still:
> 2 contributions are under 'Educational Community License 1.0' and '2.0'
> https://opensource.org/licenses/ECL-2.0
> https://opensource.org/licenses/ecl1.php
> Are these compatible to DFSG? I did not find them in any compatibility list.

The ECL v1.0 was discussed a long time ago in a debian-legal
My own contribution to the thread is this

On the other hand, I haven't found any debian-legal discussion about
the ECL v2.0.

that it

| is a free software license, and it is compatible with GPLv3. It is
| based on the Apache License 2.0; the scope of the patent license has
| changed so that when an organization's employee works on a project,
| the organization does not have to license all of its patents to
| recipients.
| This patent license and the indemnification clause in section 9 make
| this license incompatible with GPLv2.

I haven't found the time to analyze the ECL v2.0 and compare it with
the Apache License v2.0, though.
Maybe this can be done on debian-legal...

>  > the SPICEDOC license (educational, research and non-profit purposes
>  > only)
> Text is outdated, will be removed


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