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Re: French gov open license

On Sat, 25 Nov 2017 11:16:48 +1100 Ben Finney wrote:

> I think we agree; I'm not sure why you think it's disingenuous, but I'm
> attempting to avoid the common situation where we are asked to judge a
> license text divorced from the work and without seeing the grant of
> license. Those are crucially important — as is, of course, the license
> text itself.

I acknowledge that a license text cannot be assessed for DFSG-freeness
in a vacuum, as long as this means that we always have to keep in mind
that analyzing the license text is only one step (although an important
one) in the DFSG-freeness assessment process for a work. Other (already
mentioned) considerations come into play, when assessing the
DFSG-freeness of a given work.

However, the license text analysis is usually one of the biggest steps
in the assessment process and may be common to a number of different
works. As a consequence, we can often factor it out, so that it is not
repeated over and over again for distinct works released under the same
exact license terms.
In this sense, we can analyze a license text in a vacuum, provided that
we then remember to take the other aspects into account, whenever we
apply the analysis outcome to a specific work.

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