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Re: French gov open license

Hi Xavier,

I don't think there is such a thing named "recognized by DFSG".
A license can pass DFSG or not, and this one, after reading it,
seems to be okay.
Hopefully more experimented eyes will read it too.

Jérémy (x97).

2017-11-21 18:35 GMT+01:00 Xavier <xavier.guimard@polytechnique.org>:
Hi all,

French government uses now lo/ol license to publish its open datas:

"To facilitate the re-use of the « Information », this licence has been
designed to be compatible with any licence which requires at least the
attribution of the « Information ». For instance, it is compatible with
the « Open Government Licence » (OGL) of the United Kingdom, the «
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 » (CC-BY 2.0) licence of Creative
Commons and the « Open Data Commons Attribution » (ODC-BY) licence of
the Open Knowledge Foundation."

Can it be recognize by DFSG ?


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