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Re: legal issues of libmusicxml

Joël Krähemann writes ("legal issues of libmusicxml"):
> I consider adding library routines support for MusicXML to my
> application in main.
> http://www.musicxml.com/for-developers/musicxml-xsd/
> http://www.musicxml.org/dtds/license.html
> Would this cause a legal conflict? Or would it make it impossible to
> distribute in main?

Just adding "support" for musicxml doesn't pose any issues whatsoever.

If you need to copy the DTSs into your program then they would have to
be free.  But I read the licence text you linked to and it seems like
a fairly straightforward permissive licence.  It looks
[A]GPL[123]-compatible to me, even.

So unless your "application in main" has a very odd licence, that too
is fine.

Don't forget to copy the licence text etc. into your program, if you
copy the DTDs, of course.


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