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Re: Wily may be non-free

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 05:50:34AM +1000, Ben Finney wrote:
> > That seems pretty clearly non-free to be, but as it's currently in
> > Debian, I figured I would ask here before filing an RM bug against
> > wily.
> I think you can make a bug report to discuss the matter. Start it at
> “important” severity because the ‘debian/copyright’ file is not
> accurate.
> If the discussion does not reveal a good explanation for the source
> files that makes the work clearly DFSG-free, then the severity should be
> increased.

I've now filed a bug (#872866) but, given the current state of the wily package,
I decided to set the severity to serious. This is an orphaned package that
had to be NMUed by reproducible builds. I think that no one will probably ever
respond to the bug report and I can't find a free copy of these libraries anywhere.

Several ports of the sam editor to X11 use these libraries[1], and they include a similar
copyright notice:

/* Copyright (c) 1998 Lucent Technologies - All rights reserved. */
Based on this it seems remarkably unlikely that we can redistribute these libraries at all.
[1]: libframe and libXg:

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