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Re: freeness and compatibility of CeCILL-C licence

On Thu, 23 Mar 2017 02:47:43 +0300 Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:

> > Francesco Poli dislikes the choice of law and courts clause, but I
> > think it's fine.

For the record, I think a choice of law clause is acceptable.

On the other hand, I consider a choice of venue clause as a non-free

> IBM PL v1.0 contains a choice of law clause and it’s listed as
> suitable for Debian’s main [...].

It seems to me that the IBM PL v1.0 only includes a choice of law clause
and no choice of venue. But discussing that license would take us far
away from the issue at hand...

> As for arbitration clause, could anyone explain, what’s the practical
> difference between ‘choice of law of N’ and stating that disputes
> should be resolved in *general jurisdiction* courts of N?
> IMHO, they are effectively the same.

As far as I can tell, a choice of law clause only states that any
dispute must be litigated following the laws of a pre-selected

On the other hand, a choice of venue clause insists that any dispute
be litigated in the courts of a pre-selected country (or even
state, region, local area, ...).
If a user is sued (say, for copyright infringement) by the copyright
holder, that user will be forced to travel possibly long distances in
order to defend him/herself.

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