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Re: Is the RAR archiver freely distributable?

Dmitry Alexandrov <321942@gmail.com> writes:

> May I ask again, what law (what jurisdiction) are you talking about.

I am being deliberately non-specific about jurisdiction, and limiting
the above assertions to those that describe law regardless of jurisdiction.

> I am not familiar with North American laws, but there *is* a law
> prohibiting distribution of DRM-circumvention tools, for instance, in
> the Ukraine […]

Yes, exactly: it is a *specific action* (distribution) that is
restricted, not the object.

Thank you for providing a specific example of law that does not make
*objects* illegal, but *actions* by persons.

Which is why I'm pointing out that it can only make sense to talk about
what *actions* the law restricts. The tool is not legal or illegal, it
is what a person may do that is restricted.

So, the questions to ask for a proposed work in Debian are all about
those restrictions on actions.

What actions by Debian recipients are restricted by the specific
conditions on the work, and do those restrictions constitute violation
of DFSG?

What actions by the Debian Project are restricted by specific laws? Do
those restrictions exclude redistribution of the work by the Debian
Project at all? Do those restrictions allow redistribution, but exclude
the work from Debian?

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