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Re: Is the RAR archiver freely distributable?

> Dmitry Alexandrov writes ("Re: Is the RAR archiver freely distributable?"):
>> [Ian:]
>> > We (Debian) cannot possibly agree to such a condition.  It may well be
>> > violated in Debian (even in main) already.
>> I believe, that clause only implies ‘cracks’ or key generators for RAR.
> Is it really your position that this is acceptable?

I am not an expert on Debian Policy, but I as far as know, there is no requirement that non-free software should not put restrictions on other software.  Thus, as far as there is no any ‘crack’ or keygen for RAR distributed by Debian in fact, this is acceptable.

> If so I will consider whether to write a cracker or key generator for
> RAR and upload it to unstable!

Do you really belive that *this* is acceptable?  This kind of software (‘cracks’ at least) is illegal in many jurisdictions.

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