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Is the RAR archiver freely distributable?


the license of the RAR archiver was changed some time ago:
As compared to the previous version (which is still listed in the
copyright file of the Debian package):

The new license was discussed in Gentoo bug https://bugs.gentoo.org/596154
and the outcome was that we (Gentoo) will no longer distribute the
tarball through our mirror system.

Since Debian also includes the rar package, I was wondering why and
how you (or FTP masters?) arrived at that decision.

In a nutshell, the preamble of the new license seems to transform it
into a license agreement:

| The following agreement regarding RAR (and its Windows version -
| WinRAR) archiver - referred to as "software" - is made between
| win.rar GmbH - referred to as "licensor" - and anyone who is
| installing, accessing or in any other way using the software -
| referred to as "user".

Also distribution has some new restrictions now, especially in clauses
3b (only distribution of the "original unmodified installation file"
allowed, fees for distribution not allowed) and 3c (no bundling).

So what is your stance on the above license? Can the software still be
freely distributed?


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