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Include pieces of internal kernel header in GPL-3 project


I want to package a project using GPL-3 as license. The project uses
three structures defined in the kernel-include file <linux/nvme.h>. In
Kernel 4.4 the header <linux/nvme.h> is removed from the headers
exported to the user-space and replaced by another header
<linux/nvme_ioctl.h> without the three structures needed.

One solution that allows building the project for Kernel-4.4+-systems is
to copy the structures to a header file inside the project and include
this file for 4.4+ kernels. My problem is that I'm not sure if it is
allowed to use parts of this (internal) kernel header file in the GPL-3
project? What would be the correct header for the new include file (only
the copyright/GPL-2 information from the kernel include file or
something else)?

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