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Re: C-FSL: a new license for software from elstel.org

> > For one thing, there is the problem of license proliferation.
> Yes that is certainly a problem; though there are some attempts to 
> mitigate these issues:
> * it can be used together with any other OSS compatible license.

For copyleft licenses, it can't, because those licenses would also have
to state that they can be used with yours.

> Ultimately I am not planning to sue anyone. Nonetheless 
> I would assume that if there is a license people will not obviously 
> violate it (Yes there may be unclear things about it where I do not win.).

If you're going to be relying on people's good intentions, a copyright
license isn't the best solution. A better solution would be to put the
work into the public domain, detail how you would like the work to be
used and make a request that people follow your intentions.

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