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Re: C-FSL: a new license for software from elstel.org


>    In order to improve the situation and make this software available to 
> a broader public I have once more designed a completely new license from 
> scratch: the so called 'Convertible Free Software License'.

It's almost never a good idea to make your own license. And I know how
you feel, because I've played with the idea of doing the same thing.[1]

For one thing, there is the problem of license proliferation.

The other, more important thing is that if you are not a lawyer, you
have most likely done it incorrectly. There are probably many loopholes
in what you have written, especially given the length of your license.

Getting legal advice on drafting a license can be expensive, but in
comparison to actually enforcing the license, it is cheap. If you're
not willing to spend money on a lawyer now, you need to ask yourself
whether or not you're ever going to actually enforce the license. If
you don't plan on enforcing it, then it is worthless.

Before you do get legal advice, however, there are some DFSG problems
with this license. If you're still interested in making this license,
let me know and I'll tell you the ones that I've found.

Good luck,

Riley Baird

[1] My ideal license would mandate the American rule on costs and ensure
that the right to modify, distribute, etc. must be preserved, but there
would be no obligation to provide source code.

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