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Re: Licensing questions regarding distribution of the raspberry pi platform bundled with proprietary software

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 5:28 AM, Charles MacKay wrote:

> What legal grounds do I need to adhere by to make sure that is legal for me
> to sell my raspberry pi system and software bundled with it to others?

Anything from Debian main should be legal to distribute as long as you
also distribute the source packages.

Since you are using a Debian derivative and not using Debian, you'll
need to review the parts that have been added to or changed from
Debian. The Raspbian people can probably tell you about their policies
but I imagine that Raspbian main has the same policy as Debian main.
So you should check if any packages not from Raspbian main are
installed and review their copyright information.


To make things more complicated, as I understand it, the Raspbian
images distributed by Raspberry Pi are modified from the Rasbian
distributed by Rasbian themselves. I personally don't know what
changes were made, hopefully the Raspberry Pi folks will answer you.



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