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Re: Licensing questions regarding distribution of the raspberry pi platform bundled with proprietary software

> I am creating a video streaming platform using the Raspberry Pi. I have
> wrote software that captures video and streams it to a server using OpenCV.
> The client then can monitor the video feed using a computer, or smartphone.
> OpenCV uses the FreeBSD license, and my code is running on Raspbian, a
> Debian distribution, using the raspberry pi 2.
> However, there are many other bundled packages that are included with the
> Raspbian image, such as python, java, and other software I'm not using. It
> is required to remove these packages before distributing the system, or is
> the Raspbian image itself GPL compliant?
> What legal grounds do I need to adhere by to make sure that is legal for me
> to sell my raspberry pi system and software bundled with it to others?

Firstly, this is not legal advice. If you're doing something
this significant, you should see an attorney that knows the law with
regards to intellectual property in your jurisdiction.

Secondly, DFSG 9 is "License Must Not Contaminate Other Software".

Thirdly, you can sell GPL software anyway, even for profit, without
asking for permission. Look at how many people sell Debian CDs:

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