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Re: [Pkg-pascal-devel] DFSG-ness of two

Hi Francesco,

On 29-05-15 23:07, Francesco Poli wrote:
>> Second:
>> Windows XP Theme Manager is freeware. You may freely use it in any
>> software, including commercial software, provided you accept the
>> following conditions:
>> 1) The software may not be included into component collections and
>> similar compilations which are sold. If you want to distribute this
>> software for money then contact me first and ask for my permission.
> [...]
> The second license appears to be clearly non-free: it fails to
> explicitly grant permission to copy, redistribute, and modify (it just
> talks about "using", which is a vague term)

Are you sure? Clause 3 says:
"3) If you modify and/or distribute the code to any third party then you
must not veil the original author." To me this says that you are allowed
to modify and distribute, just not veil authorship. Is even this not
enough? Indeed, it doesn't mention copy. This doesn't help the
unfreeness about selling it.

> I recommend you to get in touch with the copyright owner of this second
> file and try to persuade him to re-license the file under DFSG-free
> terms, such as, for instance, the Expat license [2].

I will.


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