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DFSG-ness of two

Hi Debian legal,

I am investigating two files in the Lazarus source with the following
two licenses. I am wondering what you make of this (mostly wondering
about clause 3 of the first license and clause 1 of the second). My
interpretation of this is that they are non-DFSG, but I am also aware
that some fonts also have a similar clause (about it being only in a
collection of fonts for sale). As removing the files will involve some
heavy lifting from our side, I rather ask here.

- You may use this software in any kind of development,
- including comercial, redistribute, and modify it freely,
- under the following restrictions :
- 1. This software is provided as it is, without any kind of
-    warranty given. Use it at Your own risk.The author is not
-    responsible for any consequences of use of this software.
- 2. The origin of this software may not be mispresented, You
-    must not claim that You wrote the original software. If
-    You use this software in any kind of product, it would be
-    appreciated that there in a information box, or in the
-    documentation would be an acknowledgement like
-     Partial Copyright (c) 2004 Andrey V. Sorokin
-                                http://RegExpStudio.com
-                                mailto:anso@mail.ru
- 3. You may not have any income from distributing this source
-    (or altered version of it) to other developers. When You
-    use this product in a comercial package, the source may
-    not be charged seperatly.
- 4. Altered versions must be plainly marked as such, and must
-    not be misrepresented as being the original software.
- 5. RegExp Studio application and all the visual components as
-    well as documentation is not part of the TRegExpr library
-    and is not free for usage.

Windows XP Theme Manager is freeware. You may freely use it in any
software, including commercial software, provided you accept the
following conditions:
1) The software may not be included into component collections and
similar compilations which are sold. If you want to distribute this
software for money then contact me first and ask for my permission.
2) My copyright notices in the source code may not be removed or modified.
3) If you modify and/or distribute the code to any third party then you
must not veil the original author. It must always be clearly
identifiable that I, Mike Lischke, am the original author.
Although it is not required it would be a nice move to recognize my work
by adding a citation to the application's about box or a similar place.

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