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Re: Re: DFSG-ness of two


[I should have requested to keep pkg-pascal-devel@l.a.d.o in the CC]

> Both of those files allow the option of a modified LGPL. That being 
> said, I acknowledge that cqrlog_1.9.0-1/src/RegExpr.pas doesn't
> allow this option.

I must admit that I missed it so far that the file is (nearly
equivalent) in fpc. I found the following quote on the upstream list
about that inclusion [1], unfortunately without "proof":
"But I asked Sorokin if he could relicense TRegExpr from RegExpStudio
in the same modifyed LGPL as the FPC RTL and FCL and he agreed!"

I couldn't find the option to use the modified LGPL in the lazarus
version, not even in older versions.

I will ask Sorokin if the option mentioned above is also valid for
Lazarus. At least this gives the option to include the functionality of
synregexp in Lazarus without jumping big hoops.


[1] http://lists.freepascal.org/pipermail/fpc-devel/2011-August/025239.html

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