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Re: GPL "+" question

On 31/05/15 00:10, Riley Baird wrote:
On Sat, 30 May 2015 23:24:53 +0200
Ángel González<keisial@gmail.com>  wrote:
IMHO you would be the one responsible for enforcing the license...
Exactly. So, if a work is originally licensed under GPL-2+ and Person A
makes a copy and gives it to Person B under GPL-3. Now consider that
Person B gives a copy to Person C under GPL-2+. Person A can't enforce
the original copyright holder's copyrights. I find it difficult to
believe that the original copyright holder would enforce Person A's

unless you also
granted (delegated?) the right of enforcing the work license to someone
I'm not sure that you can grant the right of enforcing the license to
someone else,
Copyright collecting societies do so.

otherwise why wouldn't copyleft authors just let
give everyone the right to enforce their license?
I suspect that for legal litigation you may need to represent the copyright owner. Also note that if authors gave that power to everyone, anyone attempting to exercise that right would still need the author in order to prove that the author didn't also provide a
propietary license to the infringer,¹ so it wouldn't be that useful.
Usually, copyright collecting societies are the only ones entitled to license that author's work, and their position when detecting infringement is thus quite different.

¹ unless they also gave up the right to ever license it under different terms, perhaps. A
very bad idea IMHO.

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