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Re: Does logo under CC BY SA makes entire project SA

Simon pointed out the key question: if it is a derivative work or just an aggregation of two works (code + logo, or logo + text). I don't think it would be considered a derivative but IANAL. Also note that even if the executable was a derivative work of the logo (and thus subject to the CC-BY-SA), the source code is not. You could remove/replace the logo and use the result following just the MIT license. Independently of being loaded at runtime or hardcoded. It's even more clear for the documentation. Suppose you have a pdf with the logo on the first page, and CC-BY text in the rest. I could strip the first page and release the result under CC-BY, even if the full pdf could only be used under CC-BY-SA (which may or may not be the case).

IANAL, for legal issues consult with a lawyer, etc.

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