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Does logo under CC BY SA makes entire project SA

Dear IANALs,

I am in a dialog about a license for a logo I once envisioned and then
some proper designed helped to design but because naive me didn't
disclose upfront the terms of the logo release -- got problematic.

Now at least we agreed that logo could be released under CC BY SA
(share-alike) license but I wondered:  if I have a software project
which is under more permissive license (MIT or BSD-3) and then includes
that logo a) in the code   b) in the documentation.  Does it obligates
"share alike" (thus copyleft) licensing of the entire project, i.e. it
would not be available for close-source derivatives?  or would be ok as
long as logo itself, if modified, is exposed in original form (.ai or

Thanks for your views on this

P.S. I would appreciate being CCed in replies

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