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Re: Re: FYI: debian-legal is discussing the inclusion in the Debian archive of "erotic" interactive fiction depicting the sexual abuse of children

Jo Shields dijo [Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 10:34:59PM +0000]:
> Let's be very, very, very clear then.
> This is a game where you play a paedophile. The aim is to rape local
> little girls, whilst evading the authorities. Success is rewarded with
> graphic scenes of sex with children, failure with being thrown in
> prison. The sex content is only optional in the sense that you can out
> yourself to the authorities and get thrown in jail rather than continue
> with the actual game content. Where "game content" consists of a few
> hundred drawn images of graphic sex acts with children. The script
> "unrpa.py" can be used to extract all the assets from the .rpa files in
> the upstream-distributed game.
> We're not talking about some great moral position on artistic integrity
> here. There are interesting visual novels made with Ren'Py worth
> considering for Debian. But I don't think, on any sane planet, Hero
> Paedo Fucks Kids In German is a game we want in the archive.

Bufff... If even the game is ¹/₁₀ of what Jo describes here, I'd very
very very very very very very much prefer not having it anywhere near
the Debian archive. Not only because the plot line is actively against
*many* things many of the DDs have been working hard to reduce on the
project for a very long time (and by tenthing the game, it'd still
include sexism and violence, even if Jo's view was heavily distorted —
And I have no indications not to trust this mini-review!)

And yes, even removing many red alerts, this strikes me as something
that will very likely be illegal in one or more jurisdictions. We
don't want that.

> *Seriously* how is it possible that this bullshit has taken up as much
> time as it already has?

Right. Seriously. The game is available "out there" for anybody that
wants it. Debian is not about packaging just-about-everything. We
don't need it, and there is absolutely no consense in doing so!

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