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Re: CC0 and authors' names in Copyright field

Gioele Barabucci <gioele@svario.it> writes:

> I'm sorry but I fear that my main message did not came across. I will
> try reformulating my question with a example.

Thank you.

> We have the case of software foobar released by John Doe using the
> licence CC0. foobar is not "in the public domain" (John Doe is well
> alive) but something similar, given the use of CC0.

Right. The Debian standard format for ‘debian/copyright’ treats CC0 as
a license, and has a keyword for that license.

> We want to package foobar. What should we write in debian/copyright?

If you have compelling written evidence that the work has no copyright
holder, put that exact wording in the Copyright field.

If, as I think will be much more likely, the work has copyright holders
anyway, list those in the Copyright field.

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