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Re: Suitable license for Distkeys SSH key distribution tool

Am Montag, 11. März 2013 schrieb Joerg Jaspert:
> On 13147 March 1977, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > We did not finally decide on a license. Current favorite is GPL 2 or
> > later which should be compatible with the licenses the libraries the
> > script use use[1].
> > 
> > ruby: Ruby 2-clause BSDL (see the file BSDL)
> > ruby-net-ssh: Expat
> > ruby-net-ssh-gateway: Expat, I think
> > ruby-net-sftp: Expat, I think
> > ruby-termios: GPL (2+ according to copyright file)
> > 
> > What are usual licenses for such a kind of program? Do you have any
> > recommendation or see any issues with GPL?
> > 
> > I tend to use GPL-2 or later in order to avoid any possible license
> > incompatibilies that are specific to the GPL-3. But according to [1]
> > the GPL-3 would work fine as well?
> > 
> > Any recommendations?
> It depends on what you want to achieve with the license you select.
> "Everyone can take it, sell it, incorporate it into own products" ->
> BSD. "Oh we also them to give the source to whoever they give the
> binary" -> GPL
> Or other way:
> With GPL you give your recipients the freedom to run and distribute the
> software, as well as the source and modifications to it. But you also
> enforce that they have to continue that with the next in line.
> With BSD they can do the same, but there it stops.
> Chose your pill, some people prefer the one, some the other. Both of
> them work for what you intend.

Thank you. I am aware of this main difference between copyleft and "more 
permissive" licenses.

Well I think we want GPL. Its a script anyway, source could only be 
obfuscated unless there is a ruby compiler. And I think we do not want 

But I specifically wonder about version 2 or 3 or 2 or later or 3 or later.

Well accoding to the compabitily page GPL 3 will work, as long as there is 
no GPL 2 only software involved. Thus well I double check the ruby termios 
license. If its really GPL 2+, GPL 3+ seems fine to me.

Any other oppinions?

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