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Suitable license for Distkeys SSH key distribution tool


We developed a tool to distribute SSH keys also to servers behind gateways  
in Ruby, also from a list of keys to a list of hosts, to execute a script 
on each host, to scp a file to a list of hosts and to ssh to a list of host 
one after another, plus some other little features. Main feature is key 
distribution to servers. We use it for own and customer machines.

We tought it to be a good idea to release it as free software.

So here it is:



Since we use Debian ourselves on many system, we would like to make a 
Debian package out of it.

We did not finally decide on a license. Current favorite is GPL 2 or later 
which should be compatible with the licenses the libraries the script use 

ruby: Ruby 2-clause BSDL (see the file BSDL)

ruby-net-ssh: Expat

ruby-net-ssh-gateway: Expat, I think

ruby-net-sftp: Expat, I think

ruby-termios: GPL (2+ according to copyright file)

What are usual licenses for such a kind of program? Do you have any 
recommendation or see any issues with GPL?

I tend to use GPL-2 or later in order to avoid any possible license 
incompatibilies that are specific to the GPL-3. But according to [1] the 
GPL-3 would work fine as well?

Any recommendations?

I asked this already on the debian-ruby mailinglist together with some 
packaging questions, but I bet the license stuff might be more suitably 
asked here.

[1] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#GPLCompatibleLicenses

Martin Steigerwald - teamix GmbH - http://www.teamix.de
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