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Re: Suitable license for Distkeys SSH key distribution tool

On 13147 March 1977, Martin Steigerwald wrote:

> We did not finally decide on a license. Current favorite is GPL 2 or later 
> which should be compatible with the licenses the libraries the script use 
> use[1].

> ruby: Ruby 2-clause BSDL (see the file BSDL)
> ruby-net-ssh: Expat
> ruby-net-ssh-gateway: Expat, I think
> ruby-net-sftp: Expat, I think
> ruby-termios: GPL (2+ according to copyright file)

> What are usual licenses for such a kind of program? Do you have any 
> recommendation or see any issues with GPL?

> I tend to use GPL-2 or later in order to avoid any possible license 
> incompatibilies that are specific to the GPL-3. But according to [1] the 
> GPL-3 would work fine as well?

> Any recommendations?

It depends on what you want to achieve with the license you select.

"Everyone can take it, sell it, incorporate it into own products" -> BSD.
"Oh we also them to give the source to whoever they give the binary" -> GPL

Or other way:
With GPL you give your recipients the freedom to run and distribute the
software, as well as the source and modifications to it. But you also
enforce that they have to continue that with the next in line.

With BSD they can do the same, but there it stops.

Chose your pill, some people prefer the one, some the other. Both of
them work for what you intend.

bye, Joerg
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