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Re: Bug#687693: ca-certificates: Cacert License is missing

* Raphael Geissert:

> TL;RD; RDL looks non-free, Philipp Dunkel from CAcert says Debian is fine (to 
> distribute) because of the disclaimer re the certificates included in ca-
> certificates, Fedora says it is non-free.
> What do the others think about it?

If we take CA certificate license statements seriously, we have a
problem because they often contain unacceptable requirements:
prohibition of redistribution, mandatory updates to the software we
ship, constraints on how our programs behave, indemnification,
agremeent to arbitration, etc.

It's probably best if we treat certificates as factual information not
subject to copyright.  But the trademark side is even more messy
because CA certificates sometimes embed trademarks which have nothing
to do whatsoever with the private key owner du jour.

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