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Other search engine suggestion/tip

We would very much like to be included in your formal/informal reviews.


findthatfile.com's mission is to provide the most comprehensive file search on the Internet.  Common searches are for PDFs, Documents (PPT, XLS, DOC, TXT, etc), Audio, Video, RAR and ZIP compressed files, Fonts, and much much more.

How are we different from other file/search sites?

We search as deeply as possible to identify the most relevant data from over 300 million files. This means we open each file, identify its author, title, contents, text extracts and all kinds of information that nobody else does.  We also search more places than anyone else including 47 file types and 557+ file extensions from over 70 million web domains as well.

Please contact me for any questions about our site/service.

Nicole Boivin - Find That File
(510) 962-4385

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