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Re: Attribution with CC-BY-SA 3.0

Quoting Zoot Zoot (2012-09-01 22:36:03)
> Hi,
> I'm a contributor with the Free Software game project 0 A.D. (package name:
> 0ad).
> We've recently found out that someone is selling copies of our game on
> eBay. Since the game is Free Software, we naturally have nothing against
> someone charging a fee for distributing it. Instead, our concern is that this
> particular vendor does so in a misleading manner, without stating that the game
> is a development version, full of bugs and missing many of the features listed
> on the vendor's page, and that it can be acquired free of cost online. We are
> worried that this behavior may lead to dissatisfied buyers and ultimately
> damage the reputation of our project.
The 0 A.D. website tells me that it is released under the GPL, in which
case the distributors must provide the source code and a copy of the
license. If they don't, they are in copyright infringement.



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