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National Land Survey open data licence - version 1.0 - 1 May 2012


I realize that -legal is mainly for getting advice on what can be
included in Debian. However, if somebody has extra time I'd like to get
a second opinion on the license that the National Land Survey of Finland
is using for the dataset that they recently made public. This data might
get imported to OSM soon so eventually it might reach Debian in some
form (as an example map for a car navigation program for example). I
personally find the last bullet point of section 2.2 non-free. Can you
find anything else that is problematic?

Full license from

       National Land Survey open data licence - version 1.0 - 1 May 2012

1. General information

The National Land Survey of Finland (hereinafter the Licensor), as the holder of
the immaterial rights to the data, has granted on the terms mentioned below the
right to use a copy (hereinafter data or dataset(s)) of the data (or a part of

The Licensee is a natural or legal person who makes use of the data covered by
this licence. The Licensee accepts the terms of this licence by receiving the
dataset(s) covered by the licence.

This Licence agreement does not create a co-operation or business relationship
between the Licensee and the Licensor.

2. Terms of the licence

  2.1. Right of use

This licence grants a worldwide, free of charge and irrevocable parallel right
of use to open data. According to the terms of the licence, data received by the
Licensee can be freely:

  * copied, distributed and published,
  * modified and utilised commercially and non-commercially,
  * inserted into other products and
  * used as a part of a software application or service.

  2.2. Duties and responsibilities of the Licensee

Through reasonable means suitable to the distribution medium or method which is
used in conjunction with a product containing data or a service utilising data
covered by this licence or while distributing data, the Licensee shall:

  * mention the name of the Licensor, the name of the dataset(s) and the time
    when the National Land Survey has delivered the dataset(s) (e.g.: contains
    data from the National Land Survey of Finland Topographic Database 06/2012)
  * provide a copy of this licence or a link to it, as well as
  * require third parties to provide the same information when granting rights
    to copies of dataset(s) or products and services containing such data and
  * remove the name of the Licensor from the product or service, if required to
    do so by the Licensor.

The terms of this licence do not allow the Licensee to state in conjunction with
the use of dataset(s) that the Licensor supports or recommends such use.

  2.3. Duties and responsibilities of the Licensor

The Licensor shall ensure that

  * the Licensor has the right to grant rights to the dataset(s) in accordance
    with this licence.

The data has been licensed "as is" and the Licensor

  * shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the data,
    disclaims any warranty for the validity or up to date status of the data and
    shall be free from liability for direct or consequential damages arising
    from the use of data provided by the Licensor,
  * and is not obligated to ensure the continuous availability of the data, nor
    to announce in advance the interruption or cessation of availability, and
    the Licensor shall be free from liability for direct or consequential
    damages arising from any such interruption or cessation.

3. Jurisdiction

Finnish law shall apply to this licence.

4. Changes to this licence

The Licensor may at any time change the terms of the licence or apply a
different licence to the data. The terms of this licence shall, however, still
apply to such data that has been received prior to the change of the terms of
the licence or the licence itself.

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