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Re: National Land Survey open data licence - version 1.0 - 1 May 2012


I'm not sure why a open source license wouldn't work?
In any case, here are some comments.

>   2.2. Duties and responsibilities of the Licensee
> Through reasonable means suitable to the distribution medium 
> or method which is used in conjunction with a product containing 
> data or a service utilising [sic] data covered by this licence [sic] 
> or while distributing data, the Licensee shall:
>   * mention the name of the Licensor, the name of the dataset(s) 
>     and the timewhen the National Land Survey has delivered the 
>     dataset(s) (e.g.: contains data from the National Land Survey 
>     of Finland Topographic Database 06/2012)
>   * provide a copy of this licence or a link to it, as well as

It seems that these are OK, since these notices could be placed
into an "About" box or similar structure?

>   * require third parties to provide the same information when 
>     granting rights to copies of dataset(s) or products and services 
>     containing such data and

This one seems problematic since it would require some sort of
license assent mechanism.  Perhaps this requirement could be 
softened to be a conditional, if you require acceptance of your
own license, you must require acceptance of this one?

>   * remove the name of the Licensor from the product or service, if
>     required to do so by the Licensor.

How do you comply with this given the other requirements?



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