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Fwd: Re: Copyright and License status of "transtab"

Hello. I am working on preparing the 'python-translitcodec' python
module for inclusion in Debian, and I've run into a snag with an
ambiguous license/copyright.

I contacted the author of the python module, and the attributed author
of the directory in question. His reply is below.

Would including the text and headers of said reply in the debian/copyright
file be sufficient to meet the DFSG? I tend to think they would be,
but would appreciate a +1 from those who know better than I.

Thank you!

--- Begin forwarded message from Markus Kuhn ---
From: Markus Kuhn <markus.kuhn@cl.cam.ac.uk>
To: Clint Byrum <clint@ubuntu.com>
Cc: Jason Kirtland <jek@discorporate.us>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 03:23:38 -0800
Subject: Re: Copyright and License status of "transtab"

Clint Byrum wrote on 2012-01-30 07:34 UTC:
> My name is Clint, and I'm working on Packaging the python library
> 'translitcodec' for Debian.  In the course of packaging and review, its
> become clear that the license status of one directory of the library
> is ambiguous. Because Debian follows strict guidelines to both avoid
> liability for its developers, and also safeguard user freedom, the
> software won't be accepted without first clarifying this.
> The software in question is available here:
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/translitcodec/
> Jason, you are the attributed "author". It claims to make use of the
> transtab data provided by you, Dr. Markus Kuhn.
> Can either of you provide documentation of the copyright status and/or
> license granted to this data?


Should I ever get around to making another transtab release (an old,
unfinished project), I'll try to remember to add the following license
text somewhere:

  Markus Kuhn <http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/> -- yyyy-mm-dd

Executive summary: I promise not to sue you.

Hope this helped ...


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