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Re: MIT +no-false-attribs

Jérémy Lal <jerry@edagames.com>
> following npm license is Expat + one restriction,
> is it still DFSG ?

If it just this one addition:
> Distributions of all or part of the Software intended to be used
> by the recipients as they would use the unmodified Software,
> containing modifications that substantially alter, remove, or
> disable functionality of the Software, outside of the documented
> configuration mechanisms provided by the Software, shall be
> modified such that the Author's bug reporting email addresses and
> urls are either replaced with the contact information of the
> parties responsible for the changes, or removed entirely.

Then I feel that would be acceptable under DFSG 4 but it's not exact
and I have not looked for similar examples in the archive.

The wording could be better and suggests a need to consult a lawyer.
Actually, as a quick fix, could you just remove the undefined word
"Author's" from it?

Hope that helps,
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