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Re: legal aspects of packaging nagios-sap-ccms


Am 13.01.2012 07:16, schrieb Ben Finney:

>> Does that mean Debian also has permission to distribute?
> Given that “that latter” is presumably referring to “OpenSUSE have a
> special license to distribute”, then it's worth pointing out that (as
> Paul is probably aware) Debian's guidelines for free software are
> explicitly crafted to reject such special licenses.
> DFSG §8 reads:
>     8. License Must Not Be Specific to Debian

Sorry, I just skimmed through this thread, but as we are talking about a
package for non-free (due do sourceless libraries) that's not a problem,
isn't it?  No problem for a package in non-free to break another clause
of the DFSG while already breaking some.  As long as Debian has the
right to distribute it (including Debian mirrors) it's okay for non-free.

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